…… Vintage Impressions

Penepole Tree 1967
Verushka with stunning choker

Vintage Jean Clemmer Haute Couture - 1960 Paris

Vintage photographs of a collaboration between Paco Rabanne and photographer Jean Clemmer - exploring themes of sensuality, fantasy and haute couture.The suggestive images of models wearing Rabanne's 'unwearable' fashions provide a glimpse of the radical ethos and sexual freedom of 1960s Paris. Clemmer (1926- 2001) was a French painter, musician and photographer who mingled in Surrealist art-world circles and began taking photographs in 1962.

Eniko Mihalik by Richard Bush
Eniko Mihalik by Richard Bush 
Eniko Mihalik by Richard Bush 
Eniko Mihalik by Richard Bush 
Salvatore Dali with Models in Paco Rabanne Styles
Francoise Hardy in Paco Rabanne- 1967
Paco Rabanne with Model

‘Amazones' by Thierry Le Goues with creations of Paco Rabanne - 2001
 Photographed in the lunar landscapes of Lanzarote, Etretat and the desert of the Sahara and Brazil.
Mannequins: Nina Keita, Kadija, Adame and Hawa Niang, Margaret Lahoussage.


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